Front End Web Developer

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Front End Web Developer
Newcastle upon Tyne
We're recruiting a Front End Web Developer for the leading provider of SaaS solutions for digital partner marketing. Customers include some of the largest and most trusted brands on the planet. Headquartered in Newcastle Upon Tyne with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

The Technology
At the heart of the SaaS platform they track performance marketing data and build a number of solutions to turn this data into useful information for customers. They work with a LOT of data, generating over a billion events across their infrastructure daily. They aim to make as much of this data available in real-time as possible, which is no mean feat at this scale! The platform is API-led and there is no trickery done behind the scenes - customers have access to all of their data all of the time.

The primary technologies in use are PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis, Mongo, and PostgreSQL, with Python and Lua also used. Among the tools they use are Git, Vagrant, and Jenkins. They are constantly evolving the platform and tools to take advantage of the ever-changing tech landscape.

The development teams are multidisciplinary with engineers, QAs, and analysts working together using Agile principles. Each team is independently organised, deciding their own workflow for solving the problems presented to them. They use tribes to share knowledge and ideas across the teams, and to make team-spanning decisions such as coding standards.

The Front End Web Developer we’re looking for:
Culture and work environment are very important to them. Above all else they value people with a positive attitude and a good work ethic.
They love self-motivation and a passion for knowledge, as well as those who put their team above themselves.
While experience of the technologies they use is a plus, strong understanding of fundamental principles that can be transferred to any technology is preferable.
They encourage a mindset of quality and doing the right thing; ego has no place here.
Collaboration is the foundation of the culture. The ability to communicate in a concise and focused way, really listen to others, and practice patience are all excellent traits to have.

As a Front End Web Developer you will be working with the following key technologies (a knowledge of, or the desire to learn is required):
Javascript ES6+. They are passionate about writing clean, modern javascript.
React/Redux. They like pure functions and declarative code.
OO/Functional programming. They believe in a balanced approach to both object oriented and functional programming paradigms.
TDD. Test driven development is integral to their process.
CSS/JSS. They believe that all parts of the web stack should be written beautifully and be maintainable – JSS uses JavaScript to describe styles in a declarative and maintainable way.
Webpack, Babel and the NPM ecosystem. Their code is written using ES6 modules and transpiled and bundled using babel and webpack.

If you are interested in the advertised position for Front End Web Developer please ‘Register your interest’ through the requested method and we will be in touch shortly with regards to your suitability for the role.

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Job Skills

Javascript ES6+, React/Redux, OO/Functional programming, TDD, CSS/JSS, Webpack, Babel

Additional Information

  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Industry:IT
  • Location:Newcastle upon Tyne

Job Filled

We have already filled this vacancy.


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