C# ASP.NET Web Developer

Job Description

C# ASP.NET Developer
Newcastle upon Tyne
£23k - £28k

Being a C# ASP.NET developer with this company is about more than just writing code. As a SaaS business, IT is integral and core to the success of the business. A typical week will involve:
● Structured learning and personal development
● Collaboration with commercial teams
● Integrating with third party solutions
● Third line technical support
● Whiteboarding and thought mapping
● Research & development
● UX/UI design and testing
● …and of course, coding!

They have an aggressive roadmap for their Artificial Intelligence modules and are making groundbreaking changes to the way things are done, particularly with NLP and Machine Learning. With the right drive, you may find yourself involved in these projects.

Their AI solutions depend heavily on data, customer data that is. Their C# ASP.NET Developers work closely with customers to integrate their data into the ecosystem. Expect to be leading these projects early on in your career with them.

They primarily (but not exclusively) adopt the Microsoft Technology Stack to produce its world class solution. Some of the technologies involved are:
● Microsoft Azure (Applications, Storage, Queues, Scheduling, Machine Learning, Virtual Machines)
● AWS (Lambda)
● C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi
● SQL Server
● AngularJS, jQuery
● Bootstrap, LessCss, Material Design
● Twilio (In-app telephony), VoiceBase (transcription), DeepAffects (diarization)
● Python, NLTK (Natural language processing)
● Pluralsight (Personal learning)
● TDD, Agile (XP, RAD, progressing to SCRUM)
● Balsamiq, PlantML

They monitor our technologies closely. React to change, and may quickly (efficiently) switch to an alternate service to maintain a competitive advantage in a busy SaaS world.

Expect a vibrant open office, filled with personality, where everyone is essential in the well-oiled machine.

As a minimum to be apart of this amazing team, the successful C# ASP.NET Developer will need some exposure to:
● Web development, HTML, CSS, JS
● MS SQL Server
● CSS preprocessing (e.g. Less, Sass)
● JS frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, Knockout)
● Familiarity with RESTful design

The following are desirable but not necessary:
● Native mobile app development
● Progressive web app development
● Machine learning, neural nets, natural language processing

If you are interested in the advertised position for C# ASP.NET Developer please ‘Register your interest’ through the requested method and we will be in touch shortly with regards to your suitability for the role.

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Job Skills

Microsoft Azure (Applications, Storage, Queues, Scheduling, Machine Learning, Virtual Machines, AWS, C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, SQL Server, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, LessCss, Material Design

Additional Information

  • Salary:£23000 - £28000 per annum
  • Industry:IT
  • Location:Newcastle upon Tyne

Job Filled

We have already filled this vacancy.


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