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Job Description

Lead Java Developer

We are looking for a Lead Java Developer with an abundance of hard core programming skills who is extremely well versed in various testing frameworks, methodologies, and dealing with frustrating large data sets. You will know how and when to sacrifice elegance, for getting it done on deadline, and know when it is time to go refactor some code to improve how tests are run. You don't even need to be reminded of testing for security issues, because things as simple as testing for session security are inherent to your nature.

Lead Java Developer Responsibilities:

Maintaining and continuing development of the distributed data processing and client api endpoints.

Lead Java Developer Requirements:
- minimum 5 years commercial experience (2 at a senior level)
- expert Java(8) knowledge
- familiarity with Python and Javascript
- experience with distributed messaging systems - Kafka + Zookeeper
- experience working with Akka Actors + Steams +Clustered
- experience with Play framework
- experience with Bean ORM
- experience with relational databases and SQL, preferably Postgres
- experience with in memory data structure stores, preferably Redis
- experience with Java build tools, i.e. Maven, SBT
- experience with continuous integration, preferably Team City
- experience with AWS (S3, EC2, VPC)
- experience with Linux (Ubuntu)
- (advisable) experience with infrastructure automatisation, preferably Chef
- (advisable) experience with Terraform

If you are interested in the advertised position for Lead Java Developer please ‘Register your interest’ through the requested method and we will be in touch shortly with regards to your suitability for the role.

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Job Skills

Senior Web Developer, Lead Programmer, Senior Software Developer, Lead Software Engineer, Java(8), Python, Javascript, Kafka, Zookeeper, Akka Actors + Steams +Clustered, Play framework, Bean ORM, Postgres, Redis, Maven, SBT, Team City, AWS (S3, EC2,

Additional Information

  • Salary:£50000 - £60000 per annum
  • Industry:IT
  • Location:Gateshead

Job Filled

We have already filled this vacancy.


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